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ACIP was amongst the first qualified IP offices in China to be licensed by SAIC to provide international trademark services. With more than a decade's practice experience and a strong team of senior and experienced trademark professionals, ACIP is widely regarded as one of the firms with the most trustworthy trademark practitioners. ACIP is continuously ranked by World Trademark Review as one of the world's leading trademark professionals.


Areas of focus include: 

·   Trademark pre-filing search, advice, and translation services;

·   Commodity, service, collective, and certification trademark applications;

·   Trademark opposition, non-use cancellation, invalidation, review, and administrative appeal;  

·   Trademark renewal, assignment recordal, change recordal, license recordal;

·   Re-issuance of trademark certificate, issuance of registration certification, issuance of priority document;

·   Long-term surveillance on trademark;

·   Services for trademark transaction;

·   Consultation on other trademark matters.